Entering a new phase


Last week, we ended core portion of our Darden experience. From building the basic competencies in core subjects like Accounting, Finance, Operations, and finding a suitable summer internship, the students’ focus at Darden has squarely shifted to:

Taking up the mantle: With the elections last term, the first year class has now started transitioning into leadership roles of various clubs and other student bodies. We have had an amazing SY class and in their leadership, the clubs – both career-focused and social/affinity – organized great events all year round. The first year class has a lot to live up to!

Darden Cup: The annual Darden Cup comes to close with a 5k race this weekend. For over an year, the 5 Darden sections have been locked in some intense rivalry in a number of sporting events: softball, flag football, bowling, soccer etc. Last weeks Darden Cup event was a special, as Cricket made its debut. For the days leading up to the game-day, Darden found itself in a cricket frenzy with sections organizing impromptu learning-cum-practice sessions. With over 330 showing up to play and participate, the actual event proved to be a huge success.

Getting ready: Summer jobs are round the corner and Darden places great emphasis on ensuring we are the best prepared to succeed and hopefully return with full-time offers. The mix of electives offered in the current term give students the options to explore variety of subjects in some depth. so, A ‘Marketing Intelligence’ elective can prove handy for somebody who is marketing over the summer, or a course on ‘Valuations’ can build the skill-set a banking intern would need.

While many of us welcome the opportunity to choose from a wide course selection and the prospect of easing up a regimented class schedule, there is an element of poignancy in the air as we’ll not have another formal class together as a first year section (D). I know I’m going to miss all of my section-mates immensely, in-fact, I’ve started to already.


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